Calgary male sperm counts are over 30 percent lower than 40 years ago. The testosterone levels of males have dropped even faster at 20 percent over the last twenty years.

What’s Low T and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)?


Low Testosterone is actually a problem that affects most men. Testosterone amounts commonly drop once you hit 33 and becomes more common and symptomatic in males over the age of 40. Below normal Testosterone causes mature males to give up lean muscle, vitality and drive. It will influence their disposition, causing them to be cranky and more prone to depression – frequently called “girly man syndrome”. Low Test is an additional primary cause of erectile dysfunction in men, including a drop-in sexual interest and ability to obtain and sustain erections. Guys also lose Human growth hormone, testosterone, and IGF-1, as they age and this to may be treatable if necessary with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (or “TRT” sometimes called HRT).

What Are the
Advantages of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for males?


Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men is becoming more and more popular as guys are progressively more aware of the potential benefits. TRT will help men enhance their mental clarity and focus. Additional rewards consist of increased muscle tissue, libido, and motivation, while decreasing midsection body fat.
testosterone_cypionate-calgaryThe signs of low male growth hormone and/or low Human Growth Hormone levels are common among men older than 30. Our Process will build an individualized and extensive treatment process that will help you attain the maximum advantages of having medium to high levels of male Hormones.

Increased Sex Drive

For males with reduced libido or those who have issues with erection problems, also known as erectile dysfunction, TRT can be significantly effective. While many men that are only 30 require Testosterone Replacement Therapy to restore their natural levels, TRT is especially restorative for males over the age of Forty, when hormone levels may have reached a substantial decrease. We will be in a position to determining if Testosterone Replacement Therapy in our Calgary clinic can assist you fight the problems of waning sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction, and take away the need for ED prescription drugs.

Maximize MuscleDecrease Body fat

Sub optimal levels of testosterone can lead to decrease in muscle tissue, an increase in body fat and lead to a loss of bone mass as time passes. Quite a few men go through the wherewithal to achieve is a result of their fitness trt-boomerprograms, which is a primary reaction to possessing low testosterone levels. Testosterone Replacement can help counteract these kinds of physical changes and, in fact, scientific studies have demonstrated that Males cane easily see a 10% to 25% rise in muscle tissue as well as increased protein activity within just 8 to 12 weeks. While many bodily changes are typical for guys as they age, male growth hormone treatment can provide substantial benefits for males along with a healthy diet and routine workouts.

Improve Your Mood with Testosterone

Although it
might not sound obvious initially, Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men can in fact aid in several emotional conditions that men encounter as they age. jacked-trtVery low Testosterone levels have been shown to drastically reduce self-confidence as well as commitment, which could possess a unfavorable affect on personal interactions and on the job outcomes. Thoughts of disappointment and melancholy, along with the capacity to focus on important tasks or remember information will also be normal with decreased testosterone levels in men.

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